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Ghastly goings on…

This weeks guest blog is by Brian: ”

There were some more ghastly goings on the in the backroom of the Wellington Thursday night. Strange sounds and freakish sights that can never be unseen.
And then Acting Out had another night of rehearsals for Nightmare on Bristol Street. There was lots of hard work on stage and in the front of the bar and performances are really starting to come together, whilst still having plenty of fun with a ‘guess the drag queen competition – is it Theresa May or Norman Bates’ mother? With 3 weeks to go, it doesn’t take a canny clairvoyant’s trick to see that our audiences are in for a real Halloween treat. “

Acting Out is Fun

This weeks blog comes from Andrew: ”

For 15 years Acting Out has been putting on great shows and wowing audiences. From Caucasian Chalk Circle to panto, from tap dancing to The Importance of Being Earnest, we have revealed our talent to entertain. And now it’s the turn of horror! From the 25th to the 27th of this month audiences at The Welly will have the opportunity of being scared witless, hiding under their seats, and …. well, having a good laugh too! Well done to all those working so hard to put on a wonderful show. A Nightmare on Bristol Street promises to prove once again that ‘Acting Out is Fun’ 😊

Belated blog

My bad for not getting Stephen’s blog out from last week.  He had the following to report, re the events of 27th September: ”

Well the week started with a full vocal warm-up with a operatic version of how was your week. Nobody managed to break any glasses but I don’t think we will be entering any competitions for opera 🙂


Rehearsals then continued for the Nightmare on Bristol Street show with Sesame seeds, Jekyll & Hyde in Psycho Killer the main room. I was directing the Jekyll & Hyde piece and it was good to see great progress from the cast on their character development. Looking at some of the other pieces I got a feeling it’s going to be a good show and hopefully our audiences will enjoy our take on Halloween.


Until next time.



It was a dark stormy night….

Thursday was a dark and stormy night…but it all added to the atmosphere as Acting Out rehearsed our upcoming  “Nightmare on Bristol Street” @TheWellington Hotel.  Pieces included “Seasame Seeds of Rebellion” (humans plot a coup against the muppets), “The Gift” (shyster medium Ximines Griggs exposes the tricks of his trade), “Protection” (tempestuous sleb couple Rena and Alex realise they have more to be worried about that prying paps) and a read through of “Vegan Vampires” (what it says on the tin) in the bar.

Progress report from Alan

This week’s blog is from Alan, who had this to say: ”

Rehearsals for our next performance are really ramping up and we now have a name –  it’s full steam ahead for a Nightmare on Bristol Street. 


We warmed up with some interesting reimaginings of song lyrics before our various sketches and pieces began their individual rehearsals. I am thoroughly enjoying developing my character especially his wandering accent! Great fun.”

Pregress report

This week’s blog is courtesy of Simon Best, who had the following to report: ”

Tonight was the first night of rehearsals for our (as yet untitled) Halloween show. We got off to a slow start with some directors and casts doing inital work while our producers Bialystock and Bloom (sorry Jim and Simon) were sequestered in the bar sorting out schedules plans and the running order. Next week we expect to be joined by many more Acting Outers as we get into full swing and head towards Halloween and show time! “

Weekly blog: 16.08.18

After a fun warm up hosted by Simon Best, we read through further submissions for our next Halloween production (working title: “Fright Night”), including pieces about vegan vampires, fraudulent mediums, a sinister take on Seasame Street and a queer re-working of Jekyll & Hyde. The spooky mood was enhanced when there was a power cut!