Plots for the Future

As we sadly don’t have The Welly for much longer, we spent tonight discussing the pluses and pitfalls of alternative venues….and also came up with ideas for a farewell show for the Paul’s our hosts for the last however many years. A lot of energy – very productive! 🙂 


Sad news

It falls to Al to break the following, via our weekly blog:

Here we go, blog for last week:


Well what a difference a week makes! Last week we voted in a new Committee and held our AGM ready for the coming year, this week we were reeling from the news that our home for more than ten years, The Wellington Hotel, will be closing in March. But in true Acting Out fashion we barrelled on with rehearsals for our next production despite not knowing when and where it will take place.


It is hugely sad and there will be many more emotional weeks to come – if Acting Out is one big family The Welly is the family home. But the group is the people who come every week – we are creative, resourceful and optimistic. We are lucky we have so many cherished memories and thank Paul and Paul for all their support. We’ll want to say a proper goodbye but we’ll also make sure Acting Out goes from strength the strength wherever we are – and we will.”


New year – all change!

We have (pretty much) a whole new committee!
Please welcome:
Chair: Hayley
Secretary: Alan
Treasurer: Simon B
Non-portfolio officers: Ed, PJ and Sarah S
And many thanks to the previous committee for their work over the last year


Also, congratulations to Andrew Cooper who has now received his lifetime achievement award.

Blog Alert!!!

This weeks guest blogger is Sarah J: “Great night this evening, a chance for the Group to socialise whilst auditions ran for An Ideal Husband. We have a full cast, including 2 new members on their first night with us (true Acting Out tradition)!  Watch this space for exciting teasers in the run up to our next show!

Production proposals – exciting times!

Exciting times at Acting Out, as we went through proposals for our future productions.  Pitches and short read-throughs were had of four submissions.  Three of these were written by the group and concerned time travel, a disastrous dinner party and a gaffe-prone guy trying to get his life back on track.  The fourth suggestion “An Ideal Husband” was not written by the group but by Oscar Wilde.  (However, since performing “Earnest” last year, Wilde an honorary member in a spiritual sense!)  All four are strong contenders, and interesting, entertaining pieces of writing, so well done to everyone who submitted pieces: it’s going to be tough to make a decision, but either way, whatever we go for, it’s going to be great. Results from polling on the proposals will be in this time next week.

A Positive and Productive Night

This weeks update re: Acting Out is from Thomas, who had this to inform us of:


This week at Acting Out we had a rather productive discussion about workshop ideas and how they may benefit us. We spoke about Tech and Staging ideas based on productions we had collectively seen done by other companies and conversed about how we may be able to utilise some of these techniques in our future productions. We rounded the night off with a nice little post meeting drink. Acting Out was Fun (and productive)”

Post Show Postmortem

This week, Dean wrote the blog, and he had this to say: “The Nightmare on Bristol Street performance is over and we have woken with one HELL of a hangover but we haven’t let that deter us as this was a high turn-out for a Thursday after a show! Richard ran through the figures for the show and it has paid for itself through audience contributions and keeping to a tight budget. We wrote down some good points of the show so what went well and some constructive criticisms that we can improve on next time. It was a tremendously well received show by our audience showcasing the diversity of our talents. We went on to discuss what to do next. There are some seeds of ideas at the moment but we welcome submissions for future performances – if anyone has any ideas let us know asap! We were then reacquainted with Crystal Nether-Region as we gathered around Ed’s laptop for one more intimate viewing!”

Ghastly goings on…

This weeks guest blog is by Brian: ”

There were some more ghastly goings on the in the backroom of the Wellington Thursday night. Strange sounds and freakish sights that can never be unseen.
And then Acting Out had another night of rehearsals for Nightmare on Bristol Street. There was lots of hard work on stage and in the front of the bar and performances are really starting to come together, whilst still having plenty of fun with a ‘guess the drag queen competition – is it Theresa May or Norman Bates’ mother? With 3 weeks to go, it doesn’t take a canny clairvoyant’s trick to see that our audiences are in for a real Halloween treat. “