Weekly blog: 16.08.18

After a fun warm up hosted by Simon Best, we read through further submissions for our next Halloween production (working title: “Fright Night”), including pieces about vegan vampires, fraudulent mediums, a sinister take on Seasame Street and a queer re-working of Jekyll & Hyde. The spooky mood was enhanced when there was a power cut!


Our next production

Our next production will be Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest”. This will be being performed on 19th, 20th and 21st October at The Wellington Hotel on the corner of Bromsgrove Street and Bristol Street, Birmingham City Centre. Curtains up at 7.30. Get down early to avoid disappointment!

R&J rehearsals

Here are some pics from our recent rehearsals, which are coming along nicely.
Don’t forget, R&J (with a female Romeo and Juliet) is on the 26th September 2015 at the Wellington Hotel, Birmingham. Free and no need to book tickets, over 18s only.



The strangest story ever

In a recent meeting there was an exercise where everyone says one word to form a crazy story. And our members did not disappoint on this occasion.

So here it is!

Penguins participated contentedly in charity fundraising. Carrots, onions and chocolate sausages danced continuously together by moonlight sonata while whales sang loudly and macarenaeously. Tonight Matthew, I want gratification although my lips are moist with delight and s***n from many carrots throbbing viciously between tortoise’s shells. Horrible cushions accentuate disgusting places like brothels where people go rampantly exceptionally pursuing seamen who take women up to rooms where they play doctors without borders but nobody feels satisfied.

We’re working on acting in things too, announcements very soon.